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Home News Delivering Better Places for People to Live, Learn and Enjoy

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Delivering Better Places for People to Live, Learn and Enjoy

by ajack last modified 17 Nov, 2021 04:50 PM

A new global level of recognition for the Diocesan Property Team, SDBF Building Consultancy.

There has been a new global level of recognition for our SDBF Building Consultancy. 

SDBF Building Consultancy, launched by Salisbury’s Diocesan Property Team in January 2020 is delighted to announce that the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors logo is now embedded at the top right-hand side corner of their website stating the identity of this multi-disciplinary practice as a globally recognised professional body, “whose work is dedicated to effecting positive change in the built and natural environments” 

SDBF Building Consultancy said:  

"Regulation is another means of showing our commitment, passion and professional expertise in surveying and architectural design, to deliver better places for people to live, learn, work, gather and enjoy. 

This logotype statement assures that the work of SDBF includes influencing policy, maintaining standards, protecting consumers and businesses, innovation, and progressing the development of spaces and places for future generations. 

"For us, this represents an additional layer of confidence and security for our clients, showing that we can be trusted to deliver to the highest standards of service, whether it is in surveying, architectural design, project management or capital funding for schools." 

This affiliation with RICS not only ensures verification that SDBF works in accordance with these criteria, but also that the business has made a public commitment to

  • Practice to globally recognised standards 

  • To act with integrity and honesty and to behave ethically 

  • To ensure we have all necessary skills 

  • To manage conflicts of interest transparently 

  • To safeguard the security of clients’ money 

  • To manage our own finances appropriately 

  • To provide adequate and appropriate indemnity for our work 

  • To handle any complaints and disputes fairly 

Visit their website here:, 

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