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Home News Get Involved to Help Reach Net-Zero Carbon Emissions

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Get Involved to Help Reach Net-Zero Carbon Emissions

by ajack last modified 17 Nov, 2021 04:50 PM

As a Diocese, we are passionately helping parishes on their exciting journey of caring better for God's creation.

What can we do as individuals to make a difference? 

Sandra Gamble, who takes over as the president of the Diocese of Salisbury Mothers' Union, in January,  is reflecting on ways we can help with biodiversity and reducing carbon emissions.    

While COP26 made headlines, Sandra believes it was a less well-known conference (COP15), which took place online in October, is where some real new eco goals were set for the next decade.  

At COP15 the UN Biodiversity Conference governments from around the world agreed on a new gobal framework, and Sandra says this is something that we can all play a part in. 

"We know how crucial biodiversity is for the survival of our planet; worryingly for the UK, an analysis by the Natural History Museum revealed that we have an average of only 53% of our biodiversity left, are in the bottom 10% of the world’s countries and last in the G7. However, the Museum has developed a Biodiversity Trends Explorer to track biodiversity change and local eco-system biodiversity among countries. View and download their Biodiversity Intactness Index.  

"What can you do as an individual?  

"The UK needs millions more trees to reach its goal of net zero carbon emissions target by 2050, so you can get involved with The Woodland Trust to help bring the UK (and the Queen in her Jubilee Year!) nearer this important goal.   

"You can increase your knowledge of the UK’s native and non-native trees with The Woodland Trusts’ tree guide by downloading their app  

"You can explore nature based solutions to climate change with this webinar 

 "Look for individual or local initiatives that encourage nature-based solutions. Explore the CreationCare website for inspiration! 

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