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Home News Going Deeper in Sudan

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Going Deeper in Sudan

by Michael Ford last modified 05 Mar, 2019 10:36 AM

The Diocese is being asked to remember the church in Sudan in their prayers after the President declared a state of emergency there.

Going Deeper in Sudan

Original photo courtesy SOMA

The declaration was made shortly after Ron Hart from our Diocesan Sudans Committee returned from a visit to Khartoum, where he spent time with clergy as well as visiting schools and churches in our link Diocese.

He had been in the country to attend two conferences on the theme 'Going Deeper'.

Three photos here, courtesy SOMA

He said:
"It was a great privilege to be alongside our church family in Sudan this February. We had been invited to help lead two conferences, one for Khartoum clergy, and the other for bishops and leaders from each of the five dioceses in the province- altogether over 60 delegates.

"The theme was 'Going Deeper', and gave us time to talk and pray together as well as sharing in the led sessions. On Sunday our team of six formed three pairs, and each pair went to one of the churches in the area. Outside Khartoum, the churches lack material resources, yet the one we visited still managed to run a primary school for 60 children.

"Our presence was greatly appreciated, we shared in precious times of fellowship and prayer, and learnt a great deal about life facing Christians in Sudan.

"We were greatly blessed by our Sudanese fellow believers, and better placed to pray for them, and they for us. In particular the inflation and scarcity of some foods and fuel is causing great problems. The unrest in the country has been on the news, and soon after we returned, we heard that President Bashir had declared a State of Emergency. Please can I encourage you to remember the church there in your prayers?"

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