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Goodbye e-Bulletin, hello Grapevine

by Michael Ford last modified 23 Jul, 2019 05:31 PM

This week's edition is our last e-Bulletin.

But don't worry, from September you will still be able to receive all our weekly news, updates and whats on around our Diocese.

When we return from our summer break we will be combining our weekly and monthly publications into just one weekly format that will provide you with all our news and stories of Renewing Hope from around the Diocese.

Our new publication will be arriving in your inbox on a Wednesday and it will have a new name -

That's because our new weekly e-publication will still contain everything we know you want from the present e-Bulletin, but it will also now have extra elements that you used to only find in our monthly Grapevine magazine.

Our popular Monthly Bishop's letter will be included.

From September, the Letter will now be published at the start of the month and there will be an invitation for you to share this and other articles and pictures with your wider Parishes through Parish magazines or local Newsletters.

All content is free for you to use - it's all part of the service! Do make sure you credit the source and/ or photographer, though: it's only fair. Feel free to or ring 01722 438652 if you have queries in advance.

Our final monthly Grapevine was published last week, and so this is our last weekly email before our summer break over August.

We will be back in September with our new weekly Grapevine, along with the 'onthevine' podcasts and longer articles that you can now access weekly.

Editors - there is more information on how you can receive the Bishop's Letter and other relevant articles here,

and if you have something to tell us, do or ring us on 01722 438652.

Thank you for being one of our many e-Bulletin readers and contributors and we hope you will continue to support us when we return with our weekly Grapevine.

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