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Green Award for Minster

by glynch — last modified 19 Mar, 2015 12:11 PM

Wimborne Minster Wins Prestigious Award as Eco-Congregation

Green Award for Minster

Bishop Nicholas with members of the Minster Environment Group after presenting the award.

Wimborne Minster has won a prestigious award as an eco-congregation – for the second time!

The historic Dorset church first won the award in 2010, and has come back to ‘win the double’ five years later.

Eco-congregation is a tool for all kinds of churches, aimed at helping them begin to address environmental issues in all that they do. Firstly churches are encouraged to get a small group together to carry out a church check-up, and establish how environmentally friendly they are at present.

Following that, churches receive resources from the Eco-Congregation organisation, to help them get wider support within and beyond the congregation, and start making positive changes

The eco-congregation award is given to churches which have completed their environmental check-up, and gone on to undertake activities in each of these three areas of church life.

Churches are encouraged to use the resources provided to look at three main areas of church life:

  • 'spiritual': worship and teaching (this might include services, preaching, work with children and young people, small groups)
  • practical: things to do with buildings, land and church management
  • mission: reaching out to the local and/or global community

In the Minster positive environmental action has been driven systematically over many years by its ‘green team’ called MEG (the Minster Environmental Group). They have done a serious job of examining their energy usage and devising ways to reduce it. They have also addressed the justice issues caused by the unsustainable use of carbon. They have also done a great job of making their churchyard a living one, having plants, shrubs and habitats which encourage wildlife.

David Morgan is a parishioner in the neighbouring church of St John’s in Wimborne, and an environmental activist with A Rocha, a Christian charity working for the protection and restoration of the natural world. David has lots of experience in helping churches become more environmentally friendly, especially through the Eco-Congregation programme.

“Begin with the church check-up (module 1)”, is David’s advice, “This helps to affirm what is already happening in the church, and gives you some ideas as to what you might work on in the future. By the end of the check-up, you will be able to draw up an action plan with ideas for each of the three main areas above.”

For more information visit the Eco-Congregation England & Wales website at

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