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Home News 'Hand to Hand' for World Food Day 2021

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'Hand to Hand' for World Food Day 2021

by ajack last modified 03 Nov, 2021 03:50 PM

Although Covid-19 has had a devastating effect around the world, it has also brought out the best in many people. We can’t always help in the way we want to, but there are some things we can do that have a huge impact on people’s lives.

In response to a dramatic increase in hunger and food insecurity around the world, the international charity Feed The Hungry has announced a new ‘Hand to Hand’ food packing initiative to re-engage churches in world mission and bring church communities together to send food to children living below the poverty line across the world.  

The food packing events involve taking raw, dry ingredients - rice, soya, etc - and combining them to create meal bags. These are then sealed, boxed, palletised, and sent by freight around the world. The project not only hopes to provide vital food to those in need, but also create an opportunity to build relationships within congregations and communities, while engaging in world mission. 

UK Operations Director of ‘Feed The Hungry’, Gwyn Williams, said: 

“Over the last year, we have seen many Christians step up and help those most in need locally… we are excited to see Christians reengage with mission and to feed vulnerable children across the world.” 

Hand-to-Hand’ packing events initiative3

Feed The Hungry provides all the equipment, food, and a team of people to run the event at church venues. South Kent Community Church ran a food packing event last week. Their leader, James Coombs, said: 

“(The) food packing event was a wonderful opportunity. As a church leader it was wonderful to see a mix of ages working together for an amazing cause.” 

The Revd Dr Hugh Osgood, President of Churches Together England, said: 

“When your church is working together, they are getting envisioned. And what better way to get envisioned for whole world mission than by doing something practical? This is an incredible introduction to world mission for church communities to get hands on in changing people’s lives.” 

If your church would be interested in getting involved with a Hand-to-Hand event, find out more here. 

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