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Heart Bombing in Holt

by Michael Ford last modified 06 Mar, 2021 02:04 AM

As our parishes seek to remain visible to their communities and provoke interest, creative approaches are always welcome.

Have you heard of 'yarn bombing'? One parish has come up with 'heart bombing'!

Holt's Lucy Waterman explains:

"The 'Heart Bombing' idea took off in Holt in February as a way to bless our village community and brighten up the grey winter days.

"Earlier this year the Muddy Church group came up with the idea of Heart Bombing local communities to bless and encourage them. In St Katharine’s church, Holt we floated this idea on Facebook, and with our key community groups in the village.

"The WI and Brownies had also planned to yarn bomb the village with a heart theme - I suppose February is the month to be thinking about hearts with St Valentine’s Day! And so the Heart Bombing and yarn bombing took off.

Heart Bombing in Holt- woven heart

"Soon the village was filled with a wonderful range of heart-shaped blessings for everyone to enjoy. There were heart-shaped bird feeders in the churchyard ready to encourage more birds into the area. In the church porch we set out “You are Loved” hearts with a beautiful prayer leaflet to give the chance for passers-by to stop and reflect, and then hang their heart in what is now known throughout the village as the 'Prayer Tree'.

"There was heart bunting outside the Church Office at the Coach House, some wonderful yarn bombing by the WI and Brownies in The Walk - a local street - and a recycled heart made from waste materials collected on a litter pick.

"Church members in Holt and Broughton Gifford made homemade heart shaped gingerbread biscuits and presented them to the school and preschool teachers as a huge thank you for all their hard work in the last year.

"And in Holt we even had a secret “heart bomber” leaving small pink hearts on door handles, cars and gates. While the secret heart bomber’s identity remains a mystery, there has been a lot of joy with the regular posts on Facebook when the next pink heart bomb was found, or another house put a heart display in their window.

"A big thank you to Muddy Church for the initial idea. The secret heart bomber will have to find another way to keep themselves occupied in March!"

Heart Bombing in Holt- montage

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