Bishop welcomes ‘historic’ Sudan 40 celebrations

by Michael Ford last modified 04 Jun, 2013 01:41 PM

Final arrangements are in place for the ‘Sudan 40’ celebrations (9-16 June) marking the 40th anniversary of the link between the Diocese of Salisbury and the Episcopal Church of Sudan.

Bishop welcomes ‘historic’ Sudan 40 celebrations

The Archbishop of Sudan, Daniel Deng, dedicates a new building in Nzara

A large number of bishops from the Sudan and South Sudan will visit the diocese- the largest such delegation for several years. There will then be a number of events over the week to celebrate the achievements of the last 40 years and look to the future.

The Eucharist in Salisbury Cathedral on Sunday 9 June (10.30am) will have significant Sudanese involvement, with Bishop Ezekiel Kondo of Khartoum and Bishop Francis of Rokon, the Dean of the Province, taking leading roles in the service. The Bishop of Salisbury will preside.

During the week, the visiting bishops will spend time around Wiltshire and Dorset. Many will visit deaneries which have established links with dioceses in Sudan and South Sudan.

The highlight of the week will be a conference in Salisbury’s Medieval Hall on Wednesday 12 and Thursday 13 June. Speakers from the Foreign Office, a range of agencies, members of the diocese and the Sudanese themselves will present, discuss and work towards the direction of the Salisbury-Sudan Link for the years ahead.

Finally, there will be a 40th Anniversary celebration of the annual Sudan Garden Fete in South Canonry, Salisbury on Sunday 16 June, attended by all the Sudanese bishops.

The Bishop of Salisbury, Nicholas Holtam said, “A great deal of work has gone into planning these events and I am delighted at the way things are shaping up. I look forward to welcoming our Sudanese friends to the diocese, celebrating with them everything we have achieved together over the last 40 years, and discussing with them how our relationship might deepen and develop into the future. It is a historic event for the diocese, and we are all looking forward to it very much.”

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