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How to promote your Advent events

by ajack last modified 01 Dec, 2021 04:08 PM

You've decided what you’re doing for Advent. Great, that’s the first step ticked off. But now you need to figure out how you promote it. Stumped, eh?

How to promote your Advent events

Advent and Christmas

Advent and Christmas is a great opportunity for your churches to welcome individuals into the Church to discover, or rediscover, the good news of Christmas. And it’s really important to spread the word and shout about what you are doing.

Here, we’ve put together our top tips for spreading the word and promoting your Advent events.

1. Share Advent and Christmas events

The simplest way for your church to welcome people in and unite with churches nationally is to share an invite to services and events on social media. Use the hashtag #AtTheHeartOfChristmas and tag @DioceseofSalisbury. We’ll re-share posts on our channels!

2. Use free social media templates via ACNY to create custom invitational graphics.

Learn how to customise your own posters or invites by following this Canva tutorial. If you prefer a pre-prepared option, you can create custom social media graphics in the Resource Hub within minutes. Try it out here.

3. Add your services and events to

From the beginning of Advent, the Church of England will be inviting the public on social media to find their local worshipping community on ACNY. Help people to find services in your church by adding them to the site today.

Not yet an editor? Find out how to become one.

4. Share what the theme means to you

If you are feeling inspired, ask members in your community to record a short video or write a post on what 'At the heart of Christmas' means, then post it to social media on the night.

Don’t forget to use #AtTheHeartOfChristmas and tag @DioceseofSalisbury in all your posts to join in with churches nationally and in the Diocese.


Q. Where are the free downloads that I can use?

A. Backgrounds and templates for your social media posts can be found on the Resource Hub accessible by editors. If you prefer a done-for-you option, we've got a social media post generator too.

Q. Do I have to use the hashtag or tag to participate?

A. So that the Church of England can see your post do use the hashtag #AtTheHeartOfChristmas and tag us in the post too @DioceseofSalisbury. Without these, we won't see your post!

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