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Home News How to turn crisp packets into money

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How to turn crisp packets into money

by Michael Ford last modified 18 Sep, 2019 06:45 PM

Church House staff in Salisbury have collected 2,000 crisp packets and 20 Pringle tubes for charity, and Archdeacon Alan Jeans has helped the Wiltshire Army Cadets to collect 800 packets for charity.

How does this work?

Wiltshire Air Ambulance's lifesaving helicopters cost more than £8k a day to run.

This first UK-wide recycling initiative for crisp packets is free to use and allows people to dispose of the bags in an environmentally friendly way. The bags, which can be any brand, are shredded and turned into plastic pellets, which can be transformed into park benches, plant pots, watering cans and cool bags.

Thus, empty crisp packets can generate money to help save lives.

Archdeacon Alan commented: "It’s good to know that crisp packets can be turned into something genuinely useful instead of just going to landfill.

"Burning lots of calories each day, the army cadets get an excellent diet whilst on their annual training camp. They get cooked breakfasts and evening meals, and they are issued with packed lunches for midday. Having eaten their crisps, they know where to take the empties now!"

To encourage people to collect and recycle the packets, the scheme offers charity points where a financial donation is made, depending on the number of bags collected. All crisp packets must be empty and flat.

It’s hoped churches, schools and business will take up the initiative.

Contact Recycle For Wiltshire Air Ambulance on Facebook

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