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How was your summer?

by Michael Ford last modified 04 Sep, 2021 12:04 AM

Like you, Grapevine returned from its summer holidays this week, and we would love to know what you have been up to.

How was your summer?

The Revd Jo Haine is now recovering

The Revd Jo Haine was in the national news as she spoke of her ordeal with Covid, and a number of parishes were in the local news, such as Westbury with their creative writing workshops.

There are vignettes in this week's Grapevine, but we'd love to hear from you about other happenings, so you can send in a picture with around 200 words - or better still, why not send us a video if you made one?

With singing and congregations back in our churches and some events back after last year's cancellations, we would love to hear how your church spent its summer.

Maybe you tried something new, we would love to hear about that too.

So do send us a picture and around 200 words, or better still, send us a video if you made one!

Please email .

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