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Home News I would bike 700 miles, and I would walk 300 more

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I would bike 700 miles, and I would walk 300 more

by Michael Ford last modified 01 Oct, 2021 06:08 PM

Pilgrimage is very much about a journey in faith, travelling as well as towards any destination. Mothers’ Union members know about faith in action, but two have taken it a step further.

I would bike 700 miles, and I would walk 300 more

MU's Revd Jo Naish on her bike

The Revd Jo Naish says:

“When Bishop Karen announced plans for a Pilgrimage to Iona, it was a delight - the landscape of Mull has been a place of prayer for me for a long while. But how to travel?

"In a world where climate change and a fast pace of life are both challenges, it seemed a good idea to go there by bike and take a slower way of discovery.”

Then, after the coming of Covid, Rosie Stiven the Diocesan President of the MU and Jo as Chaplain decided to raise funds for the work of the Mothers’ Union here in the Diocese.

For the next two weeks or so, Jo will be travelling slowly, pedalling the 700 miles to Iona. She says:

“Two years ago, I walked the St Cuthbert’s way to Lindisfarne. This year, I will be travelling up via Durham, where St Cuthbert’s shrine rests in the cathedral, then on to Lindisfarne and Iona, the source of so much of the history of the saints who spread Christianity in Britain.”

A host of people from all backgrounds have offered food and shelter on route:

“I’ve been bowled over by the generosity of all who have contributed sponsorship, taught me bike maintenance and more, and have agreed to put me up on route. I’m only hoping the legs will get me there.”

I would bike 700 miles, and I would walk 300 more- MU's Rosie Stiven walking the Wessex Ridgeway
Rosie Stiven walking the Wessex Ridgeway

Rosie’s plan is just as big a challenge. She says:

“You may remember that I set myself a target of completing 1,000 miles in 2021 to raise funds for our Mothers’ Union in this Diocese. Well, the good news is that as at the end of September, I will have achieved my target of 800 miles with only another 200 miles to go!

“Together with several others, we will have raised - we hope - over £,3000 for the work we do to help families in need. And that makes it all worth it.”

You can donate here

And follow the journey to Iona here.

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