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Home News Just days to go - can you help?

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Just days to go - can you help?

by Michael Ford last modified 31 Jul, 2020 08:57 PM

You only have a few days left to give to our Emergency Appeal and help us raise £50,000 for our brothers and sisters in the Sudans.

Just days to go - can you help?

Photo by Richard Budd

More than 9.6m men women and children are at risk of starving in Sudan alone, and in South Sudan they lack the basic handwashing facilities that we know can help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Your donation, however small, can help us to help them. Donations so far have averaged £75 and have ranged between £5 and £1000.

We launched the Appeal at the start of the month after receiving this shocking statement from Archbishop Ezekiel Kondo in Khartoum:

“They would rather die of Covid-19 than hunger.”

Please give what you can, because even the smallest donation could save a life.

Donate at

Watch Bishop Nicholas's video appeal here.

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