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Let the stones Cry Out

by Michael Ford last modified 16 Apr, 2019 03:24 PM

The Diocese's 'Praying Together' booklet inspired children at one Dorset church to let the stones "cry out".

In response to the day's reading from Luke 19:40 in the Lent booklet - reflecting that, at the new St Peter's Academy in Salisbury, stones are decorated with with pictures representing the thoughts of children - staff and visitors, COSMICS (Children of St Mary's in Church) handed out pebbles to their West Moors congregation.

The pebbles, each with a powerful Christian message, were presented  to the congregation at the Eucharist at St Mary the Virgin, West Moors.

Writing in 'Praying Together', Mark Lacey, the CEO of Diocese of Salisbury Academy Trust, said

"Who can shout out today about Jesus? Let God and others hear your praise..."

The children's response to this action from the Booklet, which has been distributed to parishes throughout the Diocese for group or individual Lent devotions and to share with others, was to decorate pebbles with the messages.

As one member of the congregation said: "What a great way of sharing the message!"

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