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Let Them Be Heard

by glynch — last modified 17 May, 2016 11:12 AM

Bishop Nicholas says green issues, young voices, must be heard in EU debate

Bishop Nicholas has said that environmental issues and the voices of younger voters must play a larger part in the EU referendum debate.

“It is not the job of a Bishop to push people to vote in any particular way”, he stated, “There are Christians campaigning on both sides of the debate with integrity, and many still making up their minds. The scope of the debate, however, is something where I do have a duty to speak out.

“Environmental issues have not played much of a role in the campaign so far, yet they will be one of the key factors in deciding how I and many others will vote.

“Most environmental groups say that EU laws are a major reason why England is obviously a cleaner, greener, and more pleasant land than it was during my childhood. Pollution knows no borders, and the strong British stand on the environment taken in recent years in Brussels has also made other countries clean their acts up.

“I’d like to hear both sides of the debate address this issue. For example, can the Leave side reassure us by explaining how they see us remaining a world leader, with real influence on cutting carbon emissions, if we opt for Brexit?

“I’m also concerned that younger voters are not being heard much in the debate. Whatever we decide, the referendum is one of the most momentous events in recent British history, with consequences lasting for many decades. Those voices of those who will live with the consequences longest should be given greater prominence.

“This referendum should not be decided on the basis of short term gain. As a grandfather, the world my grandchildren will inherit weighs most heavily on my mind.”

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