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Home News #LiveLent: Embracing Justice

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#LiveLent: Embracing Justice

by Michael Ford last modified 03 Feb, 2022 10:53 AM

Last week, National Church launched this year's #LiveLent campaign, for which the theme is 'Embracing Justice'. To mark the launch, Isabelle Hamley (author of this year's Lent Book commissioned by Archbishop Justin Welby), hosted a conversation about justice. Isabelle also introduced us to the resources that we can use over lent as church communities and at home.

Pondering the definition of justice, those present in the video came up with answers such as: 

"Responding to harm that has been done." 

"The natural outworking of a world in which humans, created by God and in His image, are treated equitably and fairly." 

"The whole of creation put right." 

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, commissioned the book written by Isabelle Hamley because he felt that, "we've lost the sense that justice is for everybody, and we will not have any justice until everyone has justice." 

Another of the panellists, on why we should be embracing justice, said, "Equality isn't something to aim for, it's a baseline." 

This Lent you can embrace justice; there are resources for adults and children, as well as the aforementioned Lent book from Isabelle. Could you come together as a community, family, or small group to read the reflections, pray against injustice, and outwork your learning practically?  

As Archbishop Justin prayed at the end of the video: "Give us courage, words of wisdom, protest, lament, stir us up, to be a people of justice and to seek justice in the world around us - not to be silent, or fearful." 

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