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Home News Making room this Christmas

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Making room this Christmas

by Michael Ford last modified 06 Nov, 2019 03:03 PM

Can you make room for an international student to experience true British festive hospitality?

Hosting an international student will bring a whole new dimension to your Christmas, with a chance to learn about another country’s traditions and enjoy the connection and friendship that such sharing brings.

HOST UK arranges one day and weekend visits for international students all year round, with 3-night visits during the festive season. Such hospitality is greatly sought after and valued by students far from home, whose only alternative may be a lonely hall of residence.

And the “festive season” does not just mean Christmas, but can also mean weekends in the run up to Christmas and New Year.

Cathy Tang, General Administrator for HOST UK asks that you consider opening your home and heart to an international student:

"Your guest will be someone curious to experience British life with all its special traditions and culture... and keen to share those of their home country. Your hospitality will be a unique gift, a treasured memory and rewarding in so many ways.

"And remember that if the festive season is difficult for you, we do operate all year round, so hosting can become one of your New Year Resolutions!"

If you should like to know more, please go to or leave a message here.

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