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Messy Church Goes 4th!

by Michael Ford last modified 16 Oct, 2019 01:51 PM

Last Saturday (12th October), the Messy Church family in the Benefice of Abbotsbury, Portesham and Langton Herring celebrated their 4th birthday at St Peter’s Church in Portesham.

The Revd Margaret Preuss-Higham from the Benefice explains:

"When I had my interview for the post here, I was asked what my thoughts were on ‘Messy Church’. As you can see from our recent celebrations, my reply was “I think it is great,” and fortunately someone with the experience of leading Messy Church had recently moved to the village, we got together and the rest is history.

"The family has changed over time with children growing up and moving on. The children that come all attend the local church primary school. When we meet, we begin with a story to set the theme of the morning then proceed to a craft, and finish with a time of prayer.

"It is amazing the things the children come up with for prayer!"

"I asked the parents what Messy Church meant for them: I share a couple of replies I received. Dave says:

"'It’s about decreasing the polarisation effect that the church can have to some people. Children see St Peters as a fun place and not a building they just walk past... it therefore opens the church to a new audience which will be a new generation of followers... Also Avery loves the cakes!!!!'

"And from Jackie: ‘It brings community together in a fun way, combining learning about Christianity and God with craft. William loves it!'"

Margaret reflects:

"Some find Messy Church difficult to understand - it’s the 'Messy' they can’t understand, and I have heard it described as 'church lite', but I consider it to be a valuable ministry, planting that seed of initial understanding about Jesus and his life and teaching."

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