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Messy Synod!

by Michael Ford last modified 02 Mar, 2020 04:25 PM

It certainly got messy when Bradford Deanery Synod was joined by some of the Deanery’s Children and Families workers, who gave a wonderful presentation of their work.

Lucy Waterman, St Katharine’s Holt, the venue for the Synod takes up the story:

"It was a time of inspiration, fun and getting messy - more on that later!

"Sharing their vision for children’s work with passion and enthusiasm, we learnt about the many different types of family and children’s work going on in the local area.

"Hannah Tarring (Melksham Team Ministry) and Zoe Yeomans (Churches of North Bradford on Avon and Villages) were there in person to give a great insight into their work in their communities. They shared the vision of “The Tree of Mission, showing how all aspects of children’s work in churches, as outreach, and in local communities is all connected.

"We were joined by Tom Bullock (St James Church, Trowbridge) via video link (well, pre-recorded video anyway). The joys of modern technology being well used on the excellent AV facilities at St Katharine’s! Tom shared about the many groups in St James, including the Mini Melodies group.

"Mini Melodies is a lively music group for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers. Each week, this includes songs, rhymes, movement, dancing and a musical retelling of a Bible story.

"After hearing about all the different areas of work, it was time for us to roll up our sleeves and get messy! We were invited to join in our own “Messy Synod” activity and paint blossom onto a tree as we prayed for the children and families work in our areas."

"Lucy Moore, one of the founders of Messy Church, was at General Synod this week. She retweeted a statement from the platform that 'most churches don’t know how to engage with children'.

"Her response – “Google Open the Book or Messy Church!

"The Bradford Deanery Synod might now tweet 'invite your local children and families workers along – then you’ll soon learn how to engage with children.' Highly recommended!"

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