'Money' Talks

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Over 100 Church of England representatives from across Wiltshire and Dorset will meet to discuss financial justice and vote on the Anglican Communion Covenant during Diocesan Synod at St Nicholas Church, Corfe Mullen on Saturday 18 February (from 10am).

'Money' Talks

A discussion group at Diocesan Synod

In light of developments prompted by the ongoing financial crisis, delegates will take part in a discussion both on financial justice and a proposed Anglican Mutual Credit Union serving the public.

Discussions by church groups on how Anglican unity across the world might be maintained and strengthened will come to a head. The Covenant emphasises the need for dialogue, collaboration and accountability. It also provides guidance in case of disagreements.

The Bishop of Sherborne, Dr Graham Kings, and the Dean of Salisbury, June Osborne, will put arguments for and against the Covenant respectively. Delegates will debate and then vote. The results will be added to those from other dioceses before a decision is taken.

The Chairman of the House of Laity, Robert Key, said, “Jesus taught his followers about poverty, wealth and social justice using stories such as the camel and the needle's eye. That challenge is just as relevant today, since we are faced with bankers' bonuses and the 'Occupy' protesters. That is why we are working on it at our Synod on Saturday. We are also deciding whether to sign up to a written Covenant designed to hold together 80 million Anglicans all over the world."


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