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Much to Celebrate, Lots to Do

by Michael Ford last modified 26 Mar, 2015 12:30 PM

Some thoughts from Lilliput, Dorset, as we seek to renew our hope in this diocese and the Church of England looks at discipleship and church growth.

Much to Celebrate, Lots to Do

Florence King, Stuart Turvey, Val Hanson and Myra Poppleton alternate with another team to visit the school fortnightly

The Revd Carol Langford explains: “Last week I slipped in at the back of Collective Worship in school to be told that when the children had entered the hall, some of them looked at each other year, stuck their thumbs up and said ‘yes!’ What had they seen? Members of Holy Angels’ Church in costume and in place ready to lead ‘Open the Book.’

“As this was only the second session of ‘Open the Book,’ such a great response to this new way of sharing the gospel message is very encouraging.

“Equally encouraging has been the response to our new Lunch Club, a way of sharing the gospel through loving service, which has also had two sessions so far this year. Almost everyone who came to try us out has signed up again and new members have joined us each time in this.

“Twelve candidates were confirmed by Bishop Graham at Holy Angels on 25 January and six people were baptised in January as a whole. The Lord is adding to our number and the gospel is being shared; 2015 has started very positively.

“It goes without saying that such things do not just happen. God presents us with opportunities, we have to grasp them and run with them as best we can. Time, effort and finance is required if God’s Kingdom is to be built. It is, as St Teresa of Avila pointed out all those centuries ago, over to us; God has no hands, feet, eyes but ours.” 

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