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No Going Back

by Michael Ford last modified 05 Jun, 2020 03:49 PM

Members of the Hilfield Community have joined with Christian Climate Action’s 'No Going Back Sundays'.

During the pandemic the Community, part of the Society of St Francis, is self-isolating as a number of the members are vulnerable, but that hasn't stopped them getting their voice heard as part of this eco-awareness social media campaign.

For 'No Going Back Sundays' CCA asks people to photograph themselves with words urging our government not to go back to unsustainable policies that have caused the Climate Emergency, but instead to take steps to create a Green Economy.

Community member Jonathan Herbert was photographed with his framed appeal that the community then posted on Facebook.

The Franciscan Friary is home to a community of brothers of the First Order of the Society of St Francis (an Anglican religious order with life-vowed members), together with men and women who commit themselves to share in the Franciscan life and work of the Friary.

If you want to join in with No Going Back Sundays then:

1. Make a sign – A3-ish in size, saying what you want to make a green and socially just future. See photos below for some examples if you are stuck for what to say.

2. Make a stand – Wear a face-mask and stand alone or ‘alone together’ with others in your area (socially distanced) in silent protest with your banner. Remember to get a photo!

3. Share your photo – On Sundays at 10am, upload your photo to social media using the hashtags #NOGOINGBACKSUNDAYS and #NOGOINGBACK. If you don’t have social media that is fine, you can email them to, or to XR to upload to their social media, via

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