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Offering the experience of Community Life

by Michael Ford last modified 19 Jun, 2020 10:23 PM

If coming out of lockdown has made you yearn for a simpler, prayer-filled life, then Hilfield Friary may be the place for you.

The Dorset Franciscan Community is looking for volunteers aged 18-30 to come and live at Hilfield Friary from August/ September 2020, for several months to a year.

The community commit themselves to share in the Franciscan life and work of the Friary, which relies almost completely on people offering their time, their work and their gifts either coming to us from home on a day-to-day basis or living for a time as part of the Hilfield Community.

As a volunteer at the Friary you might find yourself organic gardening, growing vegetables and fruit, caring for livestock, managing the land, building fences or planting hedges.

The Friary does a lot of conservation work, caring for the woodlands by coppicing and harvesting wood and helping to encourage diversity of plant and animal life

A spokesperson for the Community said:

"We welcome students in their gap year, people of age 18-30 searching for a new direction in their lives or wishing to experience Christian community, and Franciscan tertiaries who find themselves free of other commitments."

The Community provides board and lodging free, one day off a week, and an allowance to cover basic personal expenses.

So if you have at least 6 months to spare, are physically fit, and want to experience life in Christian community, then get in touch with Br Clark at 01300 342314 or go to

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