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Our funds are helping

by Michael Ford last modified 20 Nov, 2019 04:22 PM

Robert Hayward, a member of our Sudans Link Committee recently visited Africa and was thanked for our giving which has helped build classrooms in Sudan and is helping with training volunteers in South Sudan.

Our funds are helping

Original photo courtesy the Remarkableness Podcast

Robert was in Sudan on behalf of the Anglican Communion Fund, he was Archbishop Ezekiel’s Assessor for a 3-year Capacity-Building Grant given by the Fund to the Episcopal Church of Sudan.

He also monitored and reported on the Salisbury-Sudans Committee’s grants to ECS.

Archbishop Ezekiel expressed thanks to Bishop Nicholas and the Link Committee for making it possible for him to support others. A £3,000 grant approved in 2018 by the Salisbury Education Sub-Committee for the refurbishment of Amadi Basic School in Omdurman could not be spent because of a dispute over the ownership of the school. It has now paid for the construction of 2 new classrooms at one of the other 2 ECS basic schools in Omdurman.

More classrooms are needed because the school had to be divided into 2 by a wall with 2 separate entrances, to meet the government’s requirements that girls and boys be educated separately. The 2 classrooms still need plastering and finishing off; work will be paid for by the parents and the Diocese of Khartoum. At Shokai Bible Training Institute Robert heard and saw how Salisbury’s 2018 £5,000 “running-costs” grant was being spent, mainly on maintenance and staff salaries.

Archbishop Ezekiel sent back with Robert a detailed financial report on Salisbury’s £5,000 2018 grant for an Archbishop’s Discretionary Fund. So far, 36 payments have been made to needy people who came to the ECS Office, seeking help and support in the areas of health and education, including people of other faiths.

Robert also visited South Sudan in July for his role with Christian Aid.

He reported that Salisbury’s £10,000 grant towards the salary for an Emergency Coordinator for the ECSS’s Development and Relief Agency (SSUDRA) has been very effective in increasing their project planning, implementation and reporting capacity, particularly in the Diocese of Bentiu, with the Emergency Coordinator training volunteers and local church staff and completing a base-line survey and assessments for grant applications.

Archbishop Justin Badi also has a Discretionary Fund grant from Salisbury and has submitted a report on how this has been spent.

Robert helped with writing an application for a £2,000 grant to fund a small monthly payment to the voluntary Finance Officer of the Justice, Peace and Reconciliation Committee, whose role is vital in raising funds for the JPRC’s work.

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