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Parents of Peace

by Michael Ford last modified 22 Mar, 2021 12:28 PM

Peace Primary School in Sudan, part-funded by donations from this Diocese, has opened its doors and parents are making a strong contribution.

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There are questions and ambitions that parents are looking to meet by sending their children to this Episcopal Church of Sudan (ECS) primary school. Below are some parents’ ideas, taken from interviews by Babuj Simon, ECS Diocesan Secretary.

Babuj writes:

Zakaria Ibrahim

Parents of Peace- Zakaria Ibrahim and family

Zakaria Ibrahim is Muslim. I asked him, “Why did you bring your children to the Peace Primary School?”

He replied, “Firstly, I brought my children here because I know that the Church always doesn't deceive people since this school is belong to the church. I brought my children here in order to guarantee that they are receiving good education.”

“Secondly, the teachers' reputation is very good and they have good experience in education. Thirdly, the location is near to the market. That means my children will get transportation easily.”

“What do you think about the school itself?” “I think the school needs to have a minibus to transport our children and that will bring a very good reputation to the school and the fathers will push their children to go it.”

“Also, I think that, if the school administration managed to make a separate computer hall to make our children receive education on computers, it will be very successful. I now have four children with you here, in Kindergarten, Class 1 and Class 2. I hope they will get the best education and that, when they graduate from here, they will be able to use a computer.”


Bakhita Hassan

Parents of Peace- Bakhita Hassan and family

“My name is Bakhita Hassan. I'm a Christian. I brought my children here because it is a Christian school where I will feel happy they will get good religious studies. At the same time the school fees are very low and the number of the pupils here in the class is suitable, not like the government school, so that is why I registered my children here.”

“What do you think about the school?” “The building is very good and I hope it will be the best and most distinctive school in the state.” “What then?” “I also think that this school must use new ways for education, such as with projectors.”

“What encouragement would you like to give?” “I would like the church administration to have a separate place for the kindergarten, to get a better education.”

Donations from this Diocese, via the Salisbury-Sudans Link, funded £3,000 toward the school construction costs in 2019-2020, and £3,000 towards the cost of the school’s water supply system in 2020.

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