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Home News Paula Gooder - Healing Broken Society

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Paula Gooder - Healing Broken Society

by Michael Ford last modified 06 Oct, 2017 11:29 AM

New Testament specialist Dr Paula Gooder has called for Christians to help heal Western Society during an interview with The Bishop of Sherborne, Dr Graham Kings.

Paula Gooder - Healing Broken Society

Paula Gooder in conversation with Bishop Kings

She said, “We’re the recipients of God’s love, but with that comes responsibility. God loves us, and we must show that love and that reconciliation.”

The 34-minute interview, a lively discussion on key current issues of the Bible, has been divided into four clips and uploaded to YouTube.

Topics discussed include ‘Re-Creation’, ‘Interpreting the Bible’, ‘The God of the Old and New Testament’ and ‘How to start reading the Bible’.

Dr Kings said, “It was a delight to discuss the New Testament with Dr Gooder, a down-to-earth scholar with the ability to move between the academic and the everyday with ease. She is a clear-thinking, creative presenter of topics. We’re sure you will find food for thought as you listen to this latest batch of clips.”

Dr Gooder was guest speaker at the 2011 Salisbury Diocesan Clergy Day hosted by Bryanston School, Blandford Forum.

Further clips are planned in association with the Learning for Discipleship and Ministry Team, which provides training for clergy and others wishing to do Bible study in Wiltshire and Dorset.


Dr Paula Gooder
The Bishop of Sherborne
Bryanston School

YouTube clips
Part 1: Re-Creation and South Sudan 
Part 2: The God of the Old and New Testament 
Part 3: Interpreting the Bible
Part 4: How to start reading the Bible 

Further information contact
Michael Ford, Communications Co-ordinator
01722 438651, 07500 836989, 

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