Priests "humbled and challenged" in Sudan

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The Reverends Tim Storey and Jim Findlay have produced a YouTube clip reflecting on a one-month trip to South Sudan, and their experiences there.

Priests "humbled and challenged" in Sudan

Jim Findlay (left) and Tim Storey

They spent three weeks in Mundri, teaching students at Bishop Ngalamo Theological College and learning about life in South Sudan.

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Mr Storey, Rector of Blandford Forum and Langton Long said, “When we saw them preach, we really saw where their hearts were... they are passionate about the gospel, they are passionate about being true to Scripture, passionate about remaining faithful, and that was a real encouragement.”

Mr Findlay, Priest in Charge of Salisbury St Mark’s, commented, “Just to spend time with them, and hear the context in which they have come to ministry, is mind-blowing.”

Speaking of one particular student whose parents had been killed, he added: “Into that context, you have a man who’s standing there saying, ‘But I don’t want to get education so that I can get a job that will generate wealth which I can then enjoy,’ he’s talking about his priority being ministry for the Lord... It’s encountering stories like that that leaves you humbled and challenged.”


The Salisbury-Sudan Link was set up in 1972 by the former Bishop of Salisbury, George Reindorp, and colleagues in the Episcopal Church of Sudan. The Link spans both Sudan and South Sudan: joint celebrations for the 40th anniversary of the Link will be announced next year.

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