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Home News Putting a little bit away

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Putting a little bit away

by Michael Ford last modified 09 Apr, 2020 07:27 AM

Lent traditionally has been a time where churches have held lunches with the proceeds going to charity, particularly Christian Aid.

Putting a little bit away

Photo courtesy Pexels

With all the charities our churches support struggling at this time, Ann Sargant from Lyme Regis has come up with a suggestion.

She writes in the Golden Cap newsletter:

"We managed 3 lunches and raised just over £300 for Christian Aid, but coronavirus has stopped these and it is Christian Aid that will suffer most!

"How about if during this time, when many of us will still be lucky enough to have pensions coming in, and really cannot go anywhere to spend very much, we tuck away a £5 note, or a £10 note, into an envelope each week, for Christian Aid in lieu of the lunch we cannot have?

"And it doesn't have to just be for Christian Aid.

"If you have another charity that you like to support, do it for them, money in an envelope regularly will mount up.

"And don't forget your own church!

"Many of you might contribute to the upkeep of your church through direct regular bank payments, or through the envelope collection scheme. But if you would normally donate to your church only when you get there remember how their fund raising will suffer with our churches closed for probably many many weeks!"

Thank you Ann for a great suggestion, and a reminder that all those who generate income via fundraising are struggling at this time.

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