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Questions for our Culture

by Michael Ford last modified 09 Jul, 2021 10:07 PM

In these times of change, there are many questions and challenges that face Christians in their day-to-day lives. Knowledge and tools are sometimes needed to deal with them. So where can we start?

In the St John's Weekly News, James Corbet shares his thoughts on the recent Evening Worship sermon series in Wimborne. He writes:

I often notice how my non-Christian friends have completely different values and assumptions about life than I do as a Christian. And it’s the same when I’m watching something, whether it’s the news, a drama or a comedy. In short, the world as our culture sees it is often a completely alien place to me. Sometimes, I look at it and am perplexed by what I find. Other times, I am overwhelmed. And quite often, I find myself really quite attracted by what I see and can even question whether it’s worth sticking with what the Bible teaches.

Some of these differences and big cultural questions were at the forefront of a recent series of sermons at our evening services here at St John’s in May and June. Whether perplexed, overwhelmed, or attracted by these particular issues, we saw that these questions and challenges raised to our faith are not just recent but have been held by people for a long time – and that the Bible has answers. Perhaps surprisingly, we saw in the first couple of sermons that many of these answers can be illustrated using bluebells!

Each of the sermons in the series, linked below, exposed a lie or problem with what our culture says about these topics, and helped me to think through related issues that I personally find perplexing (why do so many people think ‘religion’ belongs in the past?), overwhelming (if identity is found inside, what does that mean for everyone else?) and attractive (why shouldn’t I just prioritise happiness in my life?). The topics were particularly helpful for me thinking through how I can relate to and share my faith with the young people who come week by week to Core, and for the young people I’ll see over the summer at the Keswick Convention.

But whoever you are, if you find yourself perplexed, overwhelmed or attracted by the culture around, then these sermons will give you a helpful introduction to seeing why some of these differences are what they are. And if you know anybody who isn’t a Christian, these sermons will definitely give you a window into how they view the world, and help you to address these stumbling blocks and share your faith with them.

If you missed the talk or would like to listen again, click here to access them via our website.

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