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Reflecting God's light

by Michael Ford last modified 04 Sep, 2021 12:03 AM

As parishes respond to their local communities, addressing needs and sharing the hope of the Christian faith and gospel, familiar sights can take on an added meaning.

Dorset's Chris Preece says:

"In August at St John's church in Fortuneswell on Portland, our Rector's wife entered us into a scarecrow competition organised by the Portland Rotary. We built a scarecrow choir. It had seven members, all named beginning with the letter C - Colin, Clive, Christine.

"All that is except for little Gwyneth, who is obviously an Aled Jones fan.

"During the lockdown, Bishop Karen of Sherborne had given us a sermon, using Zoom, in which she mentioned a man who had shaped a mirror out of a broken motorbike rear view mirror that he found at the side of the road.

"With it, he enjoyed reflecting circles of light into dark places. In a like manner, we should reflect God’s light into the community around us. The scarecrows were seen as an opportunity for us to do that.

"The scarecrows were built over a period of a week in morning workshops. We thank God that we were able to make them, and enjoyed the fellowship, laughter, conversations and prayer that the workshops provided, not to mention the coffee and cake.

"We also won the prize!"

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