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Reflecting through Lent together

by Michael Ford last modified 25 Feb, 2022 01:27 PM

With Ash Wednesday imminent, many of our churches are preparing for the season of Lent. Are you ready to join us with our own Diocesan Lent Devotionals?

These weekly reflections and prayers, walk with the Lord, who put himself in the wilderness for 40 days to be tempted, but also to pray and focus away from everyday distractions before he began his public ministry. 

Hear from a range of contributors, exploring topics on:

  • Week 1: Evangelism  

  • Week 2: Discipleship 

  • Week 3: Collaboration 

  • Week 4: Leadership 

  • Week 5: Serving Others 

  • Week 6: Embracing Justice 

  • Week 7: Equipping 

These resources will be published ahead of the Lenten period, for parishes to use each week during Lent. Sunday group leaders may even wish to use the material with their children and young people.

Jonathan Triffitt, Director of Mission and Ministry, said, “It is wonderful that we are able to reflect and pray over the same themes, as a united diocese this Lent. It is my prayer that these reflections will help people on their Lenten journey.”

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