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Relaying thanks

by Michael Ford last modified 04 Sep, 2021 12:02 AM

Young Christians are continuing a pilgrimage which spans the G7 in Cornwall to COP26 in Glasgow, calling on world leaders to address the climate emergency. Relay Leader Rebecca Boardman has a message for those who helped. 

Relaying thanks

The Relay between Salisbury and Reading began at Salisbury Methodist Church

Rebecca led the Relay between Salisbury and Reading.

She writes to supporters:

“It is a real joy that so many people have come together to raise their voices about climate finance in this important year. Together we’ve been part of something that has already been mentioned in parliament, attended by MPs, and appeared in the media over 25 times (including us - see this great BBC South Today clip from our last day)! This would not have been possible without all of you!

“We’d like to ask just four more things this relay growing and to turn this support into political action:

  1. Follow up with your MP or speak to them for the first time with our Political Engagement How-to Guide. Because no country should go further into debt because of climate change
  2. Spend just five minutes to give us feedback so we can keep improving 
  3. Please share your photographs with us (YCCN) and with each other. Here is a link to a shared Google Drive. Please upload your photographs here and feel free to download and share those you find in the folder!
  4. We are looking for a Relay Curator, ie scrap-booker-in-chief, to collate all of the images from the relay and tell the story. If you know someone who would be great at this, please ask them to email

“I would like to offer you all my personal thanks. I had the most amazing week co-ordinating Route Section 6 and feel incredibly blessed to have been able to spend a week with such a wonderful, passionate and justice-centred group of people! I was blown away time and again by the prayers, welcome, hospitality and generosity that we received along the way. For those of you representing churches or churches together groups please extend our thanks to your wavers, your welcomers, your route planners, cake bakers and your boat movers! 

“There are far too many highlights from the week for me to include them all here (but I will give it a start!). From an amazing breakfast and blessing in Salisbury to start the week, to interviews with Broughton Primary School and tours of the village; meeting our wonderful Southampton tributary; distributing the Wayfarers Dole to all our wonderful pilgrims; a warm welcome and beautiful blessing in Winchester; incredible cheers and cake on arrival in Alresford; Paul on his bike seeking out the walkers; taking the flag through Festival Place and a powerful prayer service in Basingstoke; a lovely lunch spot in Little London; BBC and ITV meeting us at Aldermaston Wharf and walking into the amazing Reading Residency!

“What a wonderful week! Please do feel free to get in touch and tell me your stories and highlights! And of course tell others and encourage those further north to join the fun!

“Finally, if you’d like to continue seeing photos, updates and prayer requests from the Relay, join the Relay to COP26 WhatsApp group (it’s a lot of fun!). 

“We are blessed to have had you with us.

“Thanks again.”

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