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Resourcing Eco Enthusiasts

by Michael Ford last modified 18 Jun, 2021 10:04 PM

This autumn, our Diocesan Environment Group is running a course for Eco Champions in the Diocese designed to equip and encourage lay ministry in the local church.

Resourcing Eco Enthusiasts

Image courtesy @lorennaaquino on Twitter

This course will resource and inspire participants to lead their church on a journey towards greater care and concern for God’s wonderful Creation. 

David Morgan, Chair of our Diocesan Environmental Group, says:

“The content will cover the theology, science and practical action aspects of caring for God’s Creation. The programme consists of an opening and closing Saturday session, plus six evening sessions spread over a term.

“We ask participants to commit to being present at every session so that they, and those they are learning with, get the most of out of the training.

“We are planning to hold the opening and closing sessions in person in Salisbury, with the six topic sessions online.”

Topic sessions consist of pre-session online materials to work through, followed by Zoom sessions with a trainer, one of which will be David Morgan.  The training will be done with fellow ‘Eco Champions’ in the Diocese of Winchester. The cost will be £40 per person.

Detailed arrangements have still to be finalised but if you are interested, please indicate here . Any questions should be addressed to David at

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