Revolutionary Talk

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The Bishop of Salisbury, Nicholas Holtam, welcomed the Bishop-designate of Ramsbury, Ed Condry, before giving a passionate address at Diocesan Synod last night (Tuesday 19 June). He called for an end to changes to legislation for women bishops, and for the work of the diocese as a whole to move away from an emphasis on Bishops and staff to that of parishes.

Revolutionary Talk

The Bishop of Salisbury gives his address at Synod

Bishop Holtam said: “This is not a matter of pragmatics but of principle and what the House of Bishops has done is to destabilise a very carefully crafted proposal, which already had significant compromise within it to recognise the legitimate place of difference within the Church of England, but which had substantial agreement from the dioceses.”

Referring to a vote on whether to accept the amendments to the legislation, he added: “The motion that has been tabled tonight is in keeping with the strong support this diocese has previously given to the ordination of women bishops and I welcome it as a contribution to what is indeed a very urgent debate.”

Moving on to the possible future direction of the Diocese, he said: “What I would like us to develop is decentralised, something which works with the spirit of the place and personality of the diocese.”

Areas to focus on included “The need to grow in numbers and depth; to be an outward facing church with children and young people at the heart of everything we do; making good use of our buildings for church and the wider community; aiming for excellence in worship and what we do as the Church, with a capacity for experiment and innovation and an ability to celebrate and share what we do well.”


Bishop of Salisbury
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