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Sharing life on the Water

by Michael Ford last modified 05 Mar, 2020 05:16 PM

The Poole Missional Communities have set up a Watersports Library.

Writing in their newsletter, John Good explains why they felt this was the perfect way to help to transform lives in their community:

"It’s been nearly a year now since some friends and I wandered around Hamworthy asking people questions about the community they love to live in. We found some of the locals have a need to get in the water cheaply, and plenty of others have spare watersports gear kicking around.

"We have now registered the Watersports Library as a social enterprise and have over 30 items in stock and have had our first 2 members sign up!"

John says this gives them 3 areas of outreach into their wider community:

"Sharing - When we share our stuff, we create resilience in our community as it takes trust to lend something you own. It lowers the carbon footprint of the planet because fewer products need to be made in the first place. It also equalises the rich and the poor. If we share, money doesn’t need to be a barrier to people having access to the benefits of water.

"Health - The effects of being on the water on people’s health and mental health are well known. We are good friends with the person who co-ordinates the Wave project in Dorset using surfing as therapy for young people referred by the NHS with mental health difficulties. Could water and wellness be part of our project?

"Spirituality - People say being on the water is “good for their soul”. Well, what does that mean?

"Could people meet God in the water? How might the Holy Spirit be present there to work and act and bring healing? I have been thinking about experiments that we could devise and invite people into which use the water as a practical rather than cognitive way of encountering God. Digital detox days?

"A trip around the islands exploring inner themes of risk, loneliness and isolation? Ocean church which uses natural science to help families encounter God?

"Everything is to play for. For now we are having fun trying to get it off the ground. Some local beach sunrise swimmers and a local charity dredging litter from the harbour all want to work with us so we feel God is in it."

Find out more at!

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