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Home News St Aldhelm's Academy Celebrates Success

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St Aldhelm's Academy Celebrates Success

by Michael Ford last modified 31 Jan, 2013 04:04 PM

St Aldhelm’s Academy are delighted to have achieved an 800-percentage-point increase from 2011 on their 2012 headline GCSE results, achieving 28% 5 A* to C including English and mathematics.

St Aldhelm's Academy Celebrates Success

Principal Cheryl Heron

This is the best ever outcome on this measure for a school based on the Rossmore site.

On other measures there has also been a dramatic improvement: the value added points score has improved from 886 to 997. This is close to the expected national average of 1000, and indicates that a larger number of young people at the Academy are achieving a far greater number of GCSE passes.

The number of five A* to C GCSE passes has more than doubled to 40%, and the total number of five A* to G GCSE passes has also improved so that over four out of five young people are achieving this measure. 96% achieved an accredited qualification – another improvement from last year.

Principal Cheryl Heron said “I am delighted by the improvements in all the results. Educational transformation and change does not happen overnight, but these results demonstrate just how far we have come in two years and how the young people are embracing the curriculum and opportunities we offer that allow every young person in the Academy to succeed.”

This overall improvement was seen as a strength of the Academy in the October 2012 OFSTED Inspection Report, which noted: "It is an improving academy. More students are making good progress."

This assessment was also borne out in the improvement in A* grades from 2 to 18, and in the number of B or Merit grades achieved - from 12 in 2011 to 163 in 2012. Attendance has also improved from 88% to 92%. The Academy’s approach to tackling this issue was also highlighted by the same OFSTED report:

"Attendance has improved greatly and is still improving. The academy has a very robust response to non-attendance. Staff, including the inclusion team, work closely with students and their families."

Medissa Makoka, one of the Academy’s Lead Ambassadors, commented:

"Young people are here to invest in their future. They now know how important it is to come to school and know what they are learning, and why. Last year we were shocked at being ‘the worst school in the country', but that label made us even more determined to push ourselves to achieve and be the best that we can be.”

Chair of Governors Ann Fernandez said: “The Academy has made tremendous progress in the last twelve months and the 2012 GCSE results achieved are evidence of that. These results, coupled with a positive OFSTED Report, acknowledge the Academy is doing the right things to improve but needs further time for the impact of all the developments to be embedded.”

St Aldhelm's Academy is placed in the heart of the Rossmore community in Poole. Its curriculum focuses on meeting the needs of its young people, preparing them for adult life with transferable work skills, informed by a Christian ethos.

The Academy site is undergoing £11.1m of building work, due to be opened in September. Facilities will include a new canteen and learning resource centre, as well as a refurbished technology and vocational area. Potential visitors are welcome to make appointments.

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Contact Academy reception: 01202 732500
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