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Home News Tackling Inequality in Dorset

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Tackling Inequality in Dorset

by Michael Ford last modified 05 Dec, 2019 06:13 PM

Equality champion Wanda Wyporska has delivered a rousing call to activists concerned about inequality in Dorset.

Tackling Inequality in Dorset

Original photo courtesy @WandaWyporska

“It doesn’t have to be like this - we can change it!” she said.

Dr Wyporska, Executive Director of national charity The Equality Trust, spoke at an event organised by the Dorset Equality Group (DEG) in Bournemouth. Over 50 people attended 'Mind the Gap: an Economy where ALL can Thrive?', which was held in St Mark’s Church Hall in Talbot Village.

Dr Wyporska gave an inspiring talk about the scale of inequality in the UK, the work of The Equality Trust, and the scope and need for action, arguing that equal societies work better for everyone.

Dorset has many of the least deprived neighbourhoods in England, but also some – in Weymouth and Boscombe – which are among the 5% most deprived. In parts of Boscombe and Portland, child poverty exceeds 40%. Nearly 50% of the population of West Dorset, and around 30% of North Dorset, have no easily accessible public transport.

The Dorset Equality Group is a politically non-aligned group of local people who work to raise awareness of inequality, to promote social justice, and to campaign for greater equality. For more information, please or ring 07771 903538. They are affiliated to The Equality Trust, a national charity campaigning to improve the quality of life in the UK by reducing inequality.

Wanda's talk was followed by questions and group discussions.

A number of ideas for action in Dorset were generated and the DEG plans to follow up the top 3.

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