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Thank you from Bishop Nicholas

by Michael Ford last modified 09 Jul, 2021 10:09 PM

Following his retirement as Bishop of Salisbury, Bishop Nicholas has issued a thank-you, saying that he and Helen feel "overwhelmed."

Thank you from Bishop Nicholas

Original photo by Ash Mills

The Bishop says:

Helen and I have been overwhelmed by the generosity of so many people marking my retirement as Bishop of Salisbury. Please excuse my using Grapevine to say thank you because I know we will not be able to thank everyone individually.

The Diocesan card was a very striking painting by Nigel Done. It had hundreds of messages in it. There was a book of photographs from places and people around the diocese marking my ten years as bishop. The DBE, Mothers Union, Bell Ringers and Cathedral all added thoughtful and generous gifts. I am glad the Aldhelm Mission Fund has benefitted from your generosity and we are immensely grateful to have benefitted by an almost equal amount. I like the idea of using your gift to buy an electric bike as the South Downs will defeat me by pedal power alone and you will continue to energise me.

Bishop Karen’s speech after the most glorious cathedral Evensong felt a bit like an exit interview where she had done all the work for me. She set what I have done as Bishop of Salisbury in the context of the 42 years since I was ordained a deacon. It was good for me to be able to give thanks for it all, including that which was difficult and challenging as well as the enjoyable and rewarding.

The future looks challenging for world and Church but we can be confident that God is faithful and generous. Thanks for the ten years we have been here. Ministry is always a partnership so thanks for your part in it. We will be moving next month to Brighton and you will continue with that which God has given you to be and do in this Diocese of Salisbury. God bless you and keep you and thank you all.

All shall be Amen and Alleluia.
We shall rest and we shall see.
We shall see and we shall know.
We shall know and we shall love.
We shall love and we shall praise.
Behold our end which is no end.
- St Augustine of Hippo

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