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The Real Story Here!

by Michael Ford last modified 18 Jun, 2019 02:03 PM

A church youth club, closed so its members could go to confirmation classes, hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons last week.

The Real Story Here!

Image courtesy Pexels

The Dorset Echo ran the story of the the Wyke Regis youth club's closure under the headline "Youth club had been suspended due to low numbers."

But Churchwarden Gary Hepburn explained the real reason was that the members had other places to be this summer:

"It’s a combination of coming into exam time for some youngsters combined with having confirmation classes running from now until the beginning of October, that some of the other youngsters want to attend which are on the same evening (Mondays).

"We normally stop from July to September anyway, but we have just brought it forward a bit and plan to start again in September/ October time.”

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