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Tie a Yellow Ribbon

by Michael Ford last modified 01 May, 2020 06:30 PM

Church communities are being asked to donate sewing machines and yellow ribbons as well as cotton sheets to help a local prison support the NHS.

Tie a Yellow Ribbon

Courtesy Friends of Guys March

The residents of HMP Guys Marsh are making items such as scrubs and laundry bags for Shaftesbury and Yeovil Hospitals.

HMP Guys Marsh is also asking for occupational materials such as jigsaws and notepads for those prisoners not involved in the sewing effort and therefore in lockdown.

A spokesperson said:

"The continuing demand for scrubs and laundry bags that the contaminated scrubs can be put in to wash, so, in order for more men to be involved in the work and for the demand to be met, sewing machines, fabric or cotton sheets (washable at 60 degrees) are needed."

Occupational materials are also requested for those men who are not involved in the sewing workshops and who spend a great deal of time locked in their cells.

The occupational materials requested are notepads, drawing paper, pencils, jigsaws, Rubik cubes, puzzles, board games, self-help books – but NOT playing cards.

The spokesperson added:

"It is hoped that the new skills learned in the sewing workshops will lead to gainful employment for the men on their release."

If you can help with any of these items, please contact Ann Davis-Penson on 01258 820456.

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