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Tim and Jim in Sudan *****Updated

by Michael Ford last modified 07 Nov, 2012 10:49 AM

The Reverends Tim Storey and Jim Findlay are currently in Sudan on a short-term trip. Tim sends prayer updates and posts photos on Facebook. More details below...

Tim and Jim in Sudan *****Updated

Jim Findlay (left) Tim Storey (right) and a new friend

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UPDATE: from Jim's fourth letter, 'One night in Juba'
"I've been struck by the joy held on the faces of these people as they worship. These are people with stories of war, death and struggle but you wouldn't know it as you looked upon them in worship. They know the meaning of joy in The Lord. There's a freedom in them at worship that I think is missed in the context of British reserve, traditionalism and formality. The Church in Sudan has formality by the bucketful, it also has its well established and expected traditions but it also has a freedom - a freedom in sound, voice, movement and expression that is moving and liberating..."
Click here to download Jim's final letter

UPDATE: from Tim's Prayer Letter 5- the final chapter
After a month of thunderstorms, appalling roads, cold showers, wonderful smiles and constant greetings, new deep friendships, the poverty and hope of this baby nation, as well as some intense but exhilarating teaching, preaching and conversations, and enough rice, beans and greens to last a lifetime, it is time to leave. Lots of reflections and lessons learnt and much, much more still to ponder, but some wonderful memories of people, places, sights and smells that will linger in the memory (especially the smells)..."
Click here to download Tim's final letter

UPDATE: from Tim's Prayer Letter 5
"The 12 students have grown in confidence despite the incredible effort it takes for them to learn in English, which for some of them is their third or fourth language. We have just completed a set of preaching classes which have been an ordeal for some - not because of their theology or their desire to preach the gospel, but because they have to verbalise what God is saying to them in words which are virtually alien to them. I have grown to love them deeply because they have a passion to serve and preach and they are so much fun to be with..."
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UPDATE: From Jim's third letter, 'Monkey bags, funerals and intestines with rice'
"What an eventful week this has been. It is the last of our teaching weeks, which has seen an emotional response from both us and the students. It has also been very eventful outside of the college too..."
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UPDATE: from Tim's Prayer Letter 4
"Some things are the same wherever you are in the world. There was a funeral party at the Bridge Hotel which lasted very noisily until 4am (at least) and kept us awake, even though it is a good mile or so away. It can be quite noisy anyway, with Lenin the Cockerel having absolutely no sense of time, the sounds of the tropical night and the incessant laughter of the cooks outside my window. Add to that the call to prayer for the Muslim celebrations of Eid at the Mundri Mosque, which is a couple of hundred yards from here, and you get the picture. Mundri is a complex mix of tribes and it appears that there is no great tension between Christian and Muslim, despite the pain between north and south as nations..."
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From Tim's Prayer Letter 3
"We were travelling out to see some Americans who are on a project in Mundri, to hear that the principal of the college, Paul Issa, had lost his mother. We visited her on our way here and she went into a coma at the end of the week. Our day at the college today was cancelled and we have spent the morning with the family in a moving local custom. The body arrived back at Paul's home, a few hundred yards from the college, at 10am last night and it appears they had been working all night. When we arrived at 9am, there was a tarpaulin covering a makeshift shelter over the body, which was laid out on a bed under a mosquito net in the middle of their compound. Hundreds were already there and the women sang, danced and wailed around the body as people brought messages of condolence..."
Click here to download the letter

UPDATE: From Jim's second letter, 'The white man from the church is in the school'
"We arrived at the school to the children singing a lovely song as we approached the gates. When I asked what they were singing we were told the words mean "the white man from the church is in the school!" - which was a good and welcoming thing we were told. We'd decided to take the students from the college to the school on a 'practical application of our teaching' visit. There were 918 students in the school who gathered around us as we delivered the story of the Prodigal Son through drama, song and short message"
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From Tim's Prayer Letter 2
"We finally made it to Mundri and the guest house, which is very comfortable and probably something of the best this poor nation can offer. The manager, Alex, cannot do enough to help and insisted on taking me on his motorbike over to the college today - it is an exhilarating experience to fly along the tracks, clinging on, whilst being asked whether my daughter can choose her husband or whether I will choose for her. I must admit, it is something to think about... O, and we have had some vultures living in our back garden..."
Click here to download the letter

UPDATE: From Jim's first letter, 'The hyenas are giving birth'
"The heat here continues to tax both Tim and I, especially on the walk to and from the college. Moments of cool shade are too infrequent on a scorching route. The one time I took a lift on a motorbike we knocked into a child and then later crashed in a very 'stubborn' rut. I hasten to add no-one was hurt in the process! The child moved off laughing having been scolded by every adult witness within scolding range. When it rains it is blissfully cool, but that is only for the most fleeting of moments. Sometimes the rain comes in the midst of blazing sunshine. Obviously, Tim and I went looking for a rainbow but were told that this, in South Sudan, in these meteorological circumstances, is precisely when hyenas are giving birth..."
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From Tim's Prayer letter 1
"When we get to Mundri, Jim and I will be staying at a Guest House in the town (sounds posh - we have en suite rooms, except the en suite facilities aren’t actually connected!) and working as visiting lecturers at the Bishop Ngalamo theological college. There will be around 13 or 14 people who we will be involved in training, some are already Pastors of Churches and others are in training, but the important factor is that the literacy rate in Southern Sudan is one of the lowest in the world - approximately 2% make it to the end of Primary Education..."
Click here to download the letter

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