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Updating the 3 Rs

by Michael Ford last modified 31 Jul, 2020 04:57 PM

A team from St Katharine’s Church and the community group Help in Holt have also been putting together activities for children, using the name '3Rs' - Reduce, Recycle, Recreate.

Updating the 3 Rs

"Lyds is in London but we still get great ideas from her"

The team has been busy quarantining and cleaning donations before safely packaging them up for collection. Lots of creative thought is going into putting together the activities for all ages and the children are producing some amazing crafts.

Lucy Waterman says:

"We set up outside the Benefice office in the Coach House, and the children have been making some wonderful things. The clay week was especially fun and we loved all the wonderful designs. Families have said how helpful and entertaining our 3Rs activity station is and so we have decided to carry on throughout the summer putting out activities fortnightly.

"Also, we now have a wet weather plan as activities will be available on a table in the St K’s church porch if it is raining. Amazingly, we have not been rained off once in the last 2 months!

"Donations were welcomed and we received lots of spare craft resources and items including clear plastic bottles (small or large), yoghurt pots of all sizes, jam jars, cardboard tubes (from kitchen rolls), buttons, small squares of fabric, cardboard photo mounts, ribbon, bias binding and anything else we could use. There was a box under the table in the church porch where donations could be left and then quarantined.

"We discovered that the school WhatsApp group would go “wild with excitement” each time they heard that new activities had been prepared and left out. Many families collected packs on their daily exercise around the village, and families came down and to collect fun activities as a change from schoolwork.

"We were so delighted at making contact with new families, and also with the team members who did to have previous church connection. It has been a real opportunity to build new community relationships and to hear from some people, "Oh, I never knew how much the church does quietly and behind the scenes."

Pictures below!

Updating the 3Rs- clay creationsClay creations

Updating the 3Rs- Recreating with pebbles- can you spot the bugsRecreating with pebbles - can you spot the bugs?

Updating the 3Rs- Recycling bottles to make Elmer the elephantRecycling bottles to make Elmer the Elephant

Updating the 3Rs- Reducing landfill- how many creatures can you make from an egg boxReducing landfill - how many creatures can you make from egg boxes?

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