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Home News Focusing Us on Myanmar

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Focusing Us on Myanmar

by glynch — last modified 28 Feb, 2014 10:17 AM

Anglican global charity asks churchgoers to think about the emerging South East Asian democracy this Lent.

Focusing Us on Myanmar

Mission in Myanmar. With the support of Us (formerly USPG), the church is training volunteer health workers to visit rural communities. Pictured are Naw Law La and Naw Bwe Hser, of Ma U Daw Kyusaung village, near Toungoo.

The Christian charity Us (formerly USPG) is urging churches in Britain and Ireland to examine the meaning of global mission this Lent – with a special focus on Myanmar (also known as Burma).

The Christian charity has remained in tune with the changing nature of mission since it was founded in 1701.

Having been established in an era of sending British missionaries around the globe, Us now has a focus on building relationships that encourage churches around the globe to support each other.

Put another way, mission is ‘everywhere to everywhere’, not one-way.

Us chief executive Janette O’Neill explained: ‘For some Christians, the word ‘mission’ is not a popular one; it is tainted with ideas of colonialism or heavy-handed evangelism. But we believe that mission remains the central calling of the church. Mission, properly understood, is a dynamic living expression of the gospel.’

The theme of the Us Lent course for 2014 is ‘A heart for mission’. The five-week study guide looks at the Anglican Communion’s Five Marks of Mission and looks at how the Church of Myanmar is putting these five aspects of mission into practice.

Janette added: ‘In Myanmar, the church has struggled to proclaim the gospel in a culture where speaking about Christianity has been either viewed with great suspicion or outlawed. Thankfully, the laws in Myanmar are now more relaxed.’

Free copies of the 32-page Us Lent study course, plus a booklet offering daily Lenten meditations on the topic of mission, are available on the organisation’s website.

Janette said: ‘We pray that this Lent you will discover afresh a heart for mission and be inspired to continue your support of Us and your connection with the world church.’

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