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Walking Over Hot Coals

by glynch — last modified 03 Apr, 2014 07:00 PM

Fire-walking Wiltshire priest likes to live dangerously to raise money for good causes.

The Rev’d Renée Coulson has what most people might consider the ideal quiet life, ministering to three idyllic villages near Melksham.  But quiet isn’t an ideal for the West Wiltshire priest, who likes living dangerously to raise money for charity.

Last year she skydived to raise money for Wiltshire Air Ambulance and Christian Relief and Education in the South Sudan. This year, she’s going to walk through fire on behalf of the Dorothy House Hospice.

Renée said, “Most of us around the Wiltshire/Somerset border know people who have benefited from the ‘whole person’ treatment that terminally ill patients receive at Winsley, and of the compassionate care given to their relatives.  After the recent death of Bernie Prolz at Dorothy House, his family couldn't speak highly enough of the loving care he received there during his last days.

The firewalk will take place this Friday, 27 March at Dorothy House Hospice in Winsley, starting at 7.30 p.m.

“So far, I’ve raised £455, but I know we can do much better.”

Asked if she had any further plans for risky fundraisers, or whether she’d be hanging up her boots after burning her feet, she said, “I’m not sure yet, I’m thinking of abseiling next year, maybe off a church or cathedral spire. I draw the line at bungee jumping though – definitely not for me!

Renee Coulson.jpg“It isn’t all high octane stuff, though. I’ve also trekked in Nepal with the Rev’d Jennifer Haynes,  walked part of the Camino to Santiago de Compostella twice and did a sponsored walk around the walls of Jerusalem three times in a day, and last year I did a skydive from 10,000 feet.”

Charities supported by Renée’s activities include the Leprosy Mission, Help for Heroes, the new Theological College in South Sudan, the local school’s newbuild fund and now, for Dorothy House Hospice. 

She concludes, “I hope this doesn’t sound like I’m some sort of pious saint. I’ve enjoyed myself immensely doing my activities, and raising money for charity has been the ‘icing on the cake’.  In fact, the people who should be congratulated are the many people who’ve supported me in my parishes and beyond, because none of this would have been possible without them.”

Renée can be sponsored for her firewalk at her page.

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