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Home News What Would Jesus Eat?

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What Would Jesus Eat?

by Michael Ford last modified 16 Apr, 2019 02:31 PM

Have you ever asked yourself what Jesus would have eaten?

A group from this diocese got the chance to find out when cookery writer Sue Simkins spent two days exploring the kinds of food that Jesus might have eaten during his time on earth.

The Reverend Eve Pegler, pioneer priest from Gillingham, along with twelve willing priests, LLMs and LPAs spent two days with the cookery writer at her home exploring the food and the dishes that would have been familiar to Jesus and his disciples.

Sue said:

"The group turned their and hearts and hands to preparing a lunchtime ‘last supper’ including homemade bread, fried fish, cholent (bean and barley stew), Esau’s pottage, charoset (dried fruit and nut paste), goat’s cheese, olives and bitter herbs.

"Kiddush cups were shared amidst spiritual reflections. The day ended with a bracing walk, prayers, cups of tea and conversation, and homemade coconut macaroons, not something our Lord would have eaten, but a modern Passover sweet staple."

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