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Home News Why I've missed going to church

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Why I've missed going to church

by Michael Ford last modified 31 Jul, 2020 09:06 PM

With our churches open again, many are now able to do something they have been unable to do since March - go to church.

Why I've missed going to church- Courtesy Ecclesiastical

While many others are enjoying visiting church online, for those who are glad to be back in the pews, albeit wearing masks, their return has been a reminder of why this has been such a longed-for experience during lockdown.

Diocesan Team Consultancy Advisor David Durston explains why he has missed going to church:

"I am glad I am able to go to church again. I’ve missed going to church. Going to church – getting up, getting ready, getting there – is a little act of devotion in itself. It is a pilgrimage in miniature, and especially when it means getting up and going out early on a cold, dark winter’s morning. I have been glad to follow the Cathedral’s service on YouTube on Sunday mornings, and join in the prayers, but doing it at home is not a pilgrimage.

"Going into a building that is deliberately designed to be place of prayer is to enter a particular ambience. To go into church with other people who have also come for the purpose of prayer is to enter an ambience of prayerfulness. I have been glad to join the Cathedral’s Midday prayers on Zoom, but sitting in front of a computer screen, with all its emails waiting for an answer hidden behind the screen, that does not have an ambience of prayerfulness.

"And I have missed talking to people afterwards, people whose faces I recognise, whose names I may or may not know, whose address and telephone number and email address I do not know, but whom I know as fellow-pilgrims on the way to the Kingdom of God."

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