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Home News The Wonder of Lives Healed and Changed

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The Wonder of Lives Healed and Changed

by Michael Ford last modified 04 Nov, 2013 03:45 PM

A SOMA team visiting Wonduruba in South Sudan claim to have seen healings and conversion during a conference attended by 370 people of all ages.

The Wonder of Lives Healed and Changed

Ron Hart prays during the conference

SOMA (Sharing Of Ministries Abroad) works to transform of individuals and churches, healing communities and their lands through the renewing power of the Holy Spirit. This work is achieved partly through prayer and partly through short-term mission teams across the worldwide Anglican Communion.

The seven-strong team consisted of five UK members; Revds Ron Hart, Ann Fielden and Malcolm Pritchard, Mrs Creddy Hart and Mrs Janet Darg-Forsyth; and two from South Sudan; Evans Gogonya Israel and Charles Alfred William Lasu, known as 'Lobalang', meaning 'Salt'.

Team Leader Ron Hart says, "The Bishop had invited 277 Youth from all five archdeaconries, as well as some clergy, women and laity representative to make a total number of 350 participants. In the event, youth from two of the archdeaconries were prevented from coming by local chiefs, but other took their place and a total of 370 people attended.

"The ages of the youth ranged from 12 up, with the majority in their late teens, and the oldest of the adults was 90 as far as we could tell. Some were illiterate, a few had had educational opportunities, others could write. While some spoke English, the common language was Bari, and the Bishop kindly provided two interpreters.

"We were the first visitors for very many years, and our presence generated excitement and curiosity. Bishop Matthew and the delegates all spoke with warmth and enthusiasm for the conference - it had come at just the right time for them, and they said it had greatly helped the reconciliation process. Many delegates said they would leave with a renewed determination to forgive and to love.

"Some people received healing, including one elderly man who came with a walking stick, and left having been dancing. A young girl we prayed for after she became ill with fear having seen a bad omen on the ground which foretold her imminent death, left feeling well and smiling. Many others spoke of being healed or of having received the Holy Spirit afresh. One woman who had harboured unforgiveness towards her husband and had found it hard to receive ministry felt she had been set free - “my heart is now open”. One woman accepted Christ as saviour for the first time."

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