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Home News Yetminster Pupils Grill Graham

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Yetminster Pupils Grill Graham

by glynch — last modified 11 May, 2018 03:48 PM

Bishop of Sherborne in the hot seat as he fields skewer-sharp questions from West Dorset kids.

Yetminster Pupils Grill Graham

Corey from Year 3 tries on Bishop Graham's mitre

Last week, Bishop Graham visited St. Andrew's C of E Primary School in Yetminster. After a walk around admiring the school's new Creation Banner (made with the help of Folk South West) and all the artwork produced from their visit to Salisbury Cathedral, he then donned his “bishoply gear” and the grilling commenced.

Our on the spot reporters, Hetty and Ellie from Year 6 in Willow Class, filed the following report:

A Girl from Year 6 asked him “Why did you choose to become a Bishop?” He replied,

“I was going to become a lawyer but I was reading the Bible at Oxford University and I realised I wanted to be a Christian and wanted my job to reflect that!” 

Owen, in Year 4, asked “How many churches have you been to?” The Bishop, who was trying to think how many he had actually been to, replied,

“At Least 200 churches! And I have been to more in different countries including Sudan.”

Oscar, also from Year 4, asked “What is your hat called?” The bishop replied

Yetminster Bishop Graham with Creation Banner“A Mitre!” and he let Corey, from Year 3, try it on with his crook and ring!!  

He told us that one of the first things he learned when he became Bishop was how to put his mitre on because the dangly bits are supposed to go at the back and certainly look silly if they fall at the front.

There were many more questions asked such as “How do you know when to ring the bells?”, asked By Amber, in Reception class. The Bishop replied “When there is a wedding or a funeral or when there is a service ready to begin!”

He was also asked what his dog collar meant and he told us a story that one morning he forgot his collar and had to fashion one from a fairy liquid bottle; he was careful that the word “Fairy” didn’t feature on his neck! He was also asked the religious hot-potato about whether we should have female bishops. “Definitely!” he responded.

We enjoyed his visit thoroughly, and sincerely hope he will come back!

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