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Home News Young Christians march for climate justice

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Young Christians march for climate justice

by Michael Ford last modified 18 Jun, 2021 10:05 PM

Young Christians are walking across England from Truro to Glasgow to campaign for climate justice and will pass through this Diocese in July.

Hundreds of young Christians are leading a pilgrimage which spans the length of the country – from the G7 to COP26. Marching from Cornwall to Glasgow, the pilgrims are calling on world leaders to address the climate emergency. 

The Young Christian Climate Network (YCCN) has organised a relay route which, instead of a baton, will see young activists meet to pass on the imperative of crucial action needed to reverse climate change.

The relay set out from Truro Cathedral on 13th June, near to where the G7 met, and continues to Glasgow, where it will arrive on 31st October when COP26 will begin. World leaders will be meeting in both places, and the young activists are calling on nations to take tangible steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Rachel Mander, the relay’s co-leader, said:

“We stand in solidarity with people and places that are being plunged into debt and poverty because of climate change… We will not let the UK government host summits on our doorstep only to hear more talk and no action.”

The relay is expected to see many young people opting for small walks or cycle rides between the stopping-points. The route will pass through our Diocese 20th-23rd July and gives an exceptional opportunity for local churches to engage with young people and to show solidarity with their concerns about climate change.

There are details on the YCCN website here and the outline local route is shown below.

Young Christians march for climate justice- the route through our Diocese

The dioceses and dates are: 

  • Truro Diocese 13-23 June
  • Exeter Diocese 24 June-6 July
  • Bath and Wells Diocese 7-12 July
  • Bristol Diocese 13-17 July (NB: The Cardiff-Bristol route will be joining at this point having left Swansea on 3 July)
  • Bath and Wells Diocese 18-19 July
  • Salisbury Diocese 20-23 July
  • Winchester Diocese 24-28 July
  • Oxford Diocese 29 July – 2 August
  • London Diocese 3-10 August (NB: Some tributary routes will be joining at this point having left Canterbury Diocese and East Anglia earlier)
  • St Albans Diocese 11-13 August
  • Oxford Diocese 14-19 August
  • Coventry Diocese 20-22 August
  • Birmingham Diocese 23-28 August
  • Lichfield 29 August
  • Derby Diocese 30 August-1 September
  • Southwell and Nottingham 2-4 September
  • Derby Diocese 30 August-1 September
  • Sheffield Diocese 6-7 September
  • Derby Diocese 8 September
  • Manchester Diocese 9-14 September
  • Leeds Diocese 15-18 September
  • York Diocese 19-24 September
  • Leeds Diocese 25-27 September
  • York Diocese 28-29 September
  • Leeds Diocese 29 September
  • Durham Diocese 30 September-3 October
  • Newcastle Diocese 4-15 October (NB: The route will then leave Berwick-upon-Tweed and enter Scotland. It concludes on 31 October in Glasgow)

For more, please check the information in the Church of England Media Centre.

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