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Youth Van keeps popping up

by Michael Ford last modified 18 Sep, 2019 06:25 PM

The new Wiltshire YFC Pop-up Van has been taking to the streets this summer, with great effect.

Youth Van keeps popping up

Steve (left) with the Van, his team, and visitors

Steve Dewar, Lay Pastoral Assistant of Wellsprings Benefice, Wiltshire Youth for Christ Team Leader and Rural Youth Worker, has transformed a Fiat Ducato into a mobile Youth and Community Resource.

Steve and his team from Wiltshire Youth for Christ ran two weeks of pop up youth cafe events in Devizes and Trowbridge.

The summer events, which are supported by the Devizes and Trowbridge Area Boards, Local Youth Networks and town councils, are now in their fourth year, providing a great opportunity to meet with up to 200 local teenagers and some of their families.

As Steve Dewar says:

"It was fantastic to see so many local teenagers and some members of their families getting involved, enjoy the pop up space, and help keep locations tidy and most importantly chat and encourage one another. Countless hot or cold drinks and snacks consumed, games of UNO played, Jenga blocks toppled, Frisbees passed, goals scored and scooters trailed the ramps."

One of the main events featured a skate and scooter competition at the Trowbridge Skate Park with around 40 participants receiving encouragement, tools and, for the winners, a glittering trophy!

Mission Resourcer Officer Steve Inglis explains:

"It was so good to see the Youth for Christ Team doing such a great job at being present for these young people and their families. It was a joy to see those making connections, building relationships – all by simply making the decision to go to where the young people would naturally gather and using this fantastic van as a pop-up café space and catalyst for conversation.

"It’s great to see how Steve Dewar is encouraging local church, neighborhood policing teams and other community organisations to get involved in this kind of work."

Steve Dewar went on to explain:

"The new Wiltshire YFC Pop up Van is taking to the streets to help churches and communities across the area during Fetes and for outreach and detached work. The resource is nearly ready to be fully up and running - but not quite there yet. If you would like to help with sponsorship or support, please , and we can’t wait to see its full potential in this diverse rural county."

More here

Wiltshire YFC is a small charity working across often limited and under-resourced areas. If you would like to help them to carry on engaging, inspiring and equipping young people through the schools work (Mentoring, Transition and Accompany Projects), Potterne Youth Club and other community initiatives addressing real issues affecting teenagers, it would be appreciated.

Your support practically and or financially makes a difference and is Good News for local teenagers. Every little really does help. If you would like to support the work, or know a local business that might, please donate here

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